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This article is Copyright © 1984 by Hewlett-Packard and is used by permission. The article was originally published in the July, 1984 issue of the Hewlett-Packard Journal. If errors crept in during the scanning process, please contact Dave Hicks

HP 71B Article Authors

New Handheld Computer

Susan L. Wechsler
Susan Wechsler graduated from California State University at Long Beach with a BA degree in mathematics in 1979. She came to HP in 1980 and was a major contributor to the design and implementation of the operating system for the HP-71B Computer. She currently is working on application software for the HP-71B and new calculator R&D. Now living in Corvallis, Oregon, Susan says that she was born in "beautiful downtown" Burbank, California. Her interests include jogging, stained glass, sewing, and canning and drying fruit from her apple, plum, and cherry trees.

Soft-Configured Memory

Nathan Meyers
Joining HP in 1979 after receiving a BA degree in physics from the University of California at San Diego, Nathan Meyers worked on algorithms for the HP-12C Calculator before developing many of the sections for the HP-71B Computer's operating system. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and now lives in Corvallis, Oregon. Outside of work he acts in the local community theatre, enjoys flying private planes, and is proud of the fact that he twice achieved immortality by having his captions published for Electronic Engineering Times "Immortal Works" contest.

4 Bit CMOS Architecture

James P. Dickie
Jim Dickie grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and first studied electrical engineering at Arizona State University, receiving a BSEE degree in 1976. He continued his studies at Oregon State University for an MSEE degree awarded in 1983. With HP since 1976, he worked on the HP-29C and Series E/C Calculators before designing the CPU for he HP-71B Computer. Jim is now project manager for the HP-71B and his work on its bus architecture has resulted in one patent application. He is married, has two daughters, and lives in Corvallis, Oregon. Outside of work, he enjoys gardening, running, softball, and sports in general. Most recently, he has, become an avid skier.

Packaging Design

Thomas B. Lindberg
Tom Lindberg is an R&D engineer working on packaging and interconnect technology at HP's Portable Computer Division. He joined HP in 1981 after receiving a BS degree in mechanical engineering and material science from the University of California at Davis. His hobbies include composing music and designing simulation games.

Curve-Fitting ROM

Stanley M. Blascow, Jr.
Currently involved with new calculator R&D at HP's Portable Computer Division, Stan Blascow wrote application software before joining HP in 1979. He studied math at San Diego State University (BA 1969) and at the University of Oregon (MS 1974). He also holds an MS degree in computer science from the University of Oregon awarded in 1977. Stan was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and now lives in Corvallis, Oregon. He is interested in jogging, tennis, skydiving, and robotics--he is currently building a robot of his own design.

James A. Donnelly
Jim Donnelly is an R&D software engineer at HP's Portable Computer Division. Before joining HP in early 1981, he ran his own consulting business. Coauthor of two papers, one on helium properties and the other on an automated ratio-transformer bridge, he holds a BS degree in broadcasting awarded by Oregon State University in 1979. Jim is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Now living in Corvallis, Oregon, he enjoys traveling in the American West and northern Europe, music, photography, and cars---he is currently building his first "hot rod." (Jim's work on new calculator R&D is appropriate since his father owns the first HP-35 Calculator ever sold.)

FORTH/Assembler ROM

Robert M. Miller
Bob Miller was project leader for the plotter module used by the HP-41C Computer, the text formatter used by the HP-75 Computer, and most recently, the FORTH/Assembler Pac for the HP-71B Computer. (He coauthored an article about the plotter module in a 1982 issue of this journal.) Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bob studied English at LaSalle College (BA 1973) before he earned a BS degree in computer science from California Polytechnic State University (1980). With HP since early 1981, he lives in Corvallis, Oregon, with his wife and new son. His interests include hiking, swimming, reading, and carpentry.

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